Faculty: Charles Paul

Scheduled Date : August 23 2021

Scheduled Time : 1:00pm -  4:00pm ET

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Developing Technical Training in the Life Sciences is a seminar that addresses the unique challenges of developing and managing training in Life Sciences companies. The Life Sciences pose unique challenges to training developers. Training and Development has its own body of knowledge and a wide range of techniques and approaches designed to meet unique and complex training challenges. Not knowing or understanding these approaches or applications of the tenants of the profession will place any individual at a great disadvantage when attempting to solve the sometimes overwhelming problems that must be faced when implementing “world-class” training and meeting the regulatory needs of the organization.

Many training managers and training coordinators have secured their management positions because of their expertise and success in fields of study and in aspects of the business other than Training & Development such as science and engineering. Training and Development is a professional field of study as any other. Other training managers may have Training & Development experience but in other aspects of the field and not true technical training. Still others may be technical Training & Development professionals but would benefit from a fresh look at how others are tackling the difficult problems that technical training pose in Life Science applications.

This is precisely why this seminar was created, to “jump start” talented and technically competent training professionals that may need more focused instruction and direction in the area of technical training in the Life Sciences. It was also developed to provide guidance to all training professionals at all skill levels in how to truly build and sustain a training organization in today’s difficult corporate environment, and how to effectively identify gaps in workforce training and compliance documentation and build effective and inexpensive training materials with the tools that are readily available. 

Areas Covered in the Session :

  • Introduction to Training and Development in the Life Sciences and the Relationship between Training and Regulatory Compliance
  • Training and Development Basics
  • The Building Blocks of Human Performance
  • Building a Training and Development Organization – Leverage what you have and Negotiate for What You Don’t
  • Perform a Documentation and Training Analysis – Discover the Gaps
  • Training Materials – SOPs and Work Instructions as Training Materials – It’s not as easy as you Think! Leverage the Opportunity!
  • Working with Subject Matter Experts and Outside Consultants
  • Case Study Review and Discussion – This Approaches Works!

Who Should Attend :

  • Training and Development Departments
  • Regulatory Departments
  • Compliance Departments
  • Documentation Departments
  • Directors of Training
  • Instructional Designers
  • Instructors
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