🎤  Charles Paul ‎        |  📅  October 09, 2023   |  🕒  11 AM Eastern Time US

Areas Covered in the Session :

  • What is the work breakdown structure and why is it important?
  • Why is the WBS important to effective project management?
  • What is a task, a sub-task, and a work package?
  • How is the WBS developed?
  • How is the WBS displayed?
  • The relationship between the WBS and the network diagram.
  • Assigning duration estimates to your work packages.


This webinar will discuss how a project manager ensures that all aspects of project work have been properly identified.

One of the major concerns when a new project is started, is remembering to plan for all important pieces of work. Another concern is accurately estimating required time and resources. This is accomplished by developing the Work Breakdown Structure.

The work breakdown structure is the most important aspect of the project management process.  If you get the work breakdown structure wrong, you get the rest of your project planning wrong – wrong enough to jeopardize the success of your project.  Building the WBS is also important because:

  • The Work Breakdown Structure (WBSs) helps organize the activities required to meet the objectives of the project. 
  • It breaks the project into individual work packages that can be organized, assigned, measured, and tracked.
  • It ensures all project tasks are accounted for.

The WBS is the basis for assigning resources, determining roles and responsibilities.  It is also the basis for communicating detailed information on project status and is the basis for project monitoring and control 

Who Should Attend:

Any member of a cross functional project team:

  • Engineers
  • Marketing Associates
  • Product Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Research & Development Associates, Managers, and Directors
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Technicians
  • Anyone that participates in or has the potential to manage team-based cross-functional projects.

This course crosses all industries and functions it is however particularly suited for the health sciences and other regulated industries where much project-based work is accomplished. The types of industries that are targeted include:

  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech organizations
  • Cosmetic and foods manufacturers
  • All other industries

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